Educational toys develop children's intelligence

Toys are the pillars for children to transform imagination and thinking into behavior. Children's toys can develop motor ability, train perception, stimulate imagination, and arouse children's curiosity. Therefore, it is good for children to play with some toys appropriately. Educational toys can develop children's intelligence during play. According to research by the Royal Academy of Sciences, people who often play with educational toys have an average IQ of about 11 points higher than those who do not play, and their brains are more open-minded. Give the baby a healthy growth environment, let the baby have a colorful and happy childhood, and let the baby know and come into contact with all kinds of novel things.

Educational toys play an important role in the growth of children. The benefits to children's development are:

1. Building block toys to develop hand muscles.

2. Can improve children's hand-eye coordination, graphic color recognition ability

3. The concept of space, the training of logical thinking ability, is conducive to multi-level thinking

4. Building blocks can cultivate children's concentration and endurance

5. Playing educational toys for a long time is beneficial to the health of the left and right brains and the activation of brain cells.

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