DIY Toys Fuse Beads 3mm Artkal Beads For Kids Gift

Amazing Melty Beads - Create your own designs with these Artkal 5mm iron beads, this can help people one spend time in a creative way and develop their artistic expression and coordination. Putting together shapes and colors is fun, but the benefit goes beyond feeling good.
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3mm artkal beads  is our customized fuse bead,it needs to be used together with 3mm pegboard (templates), mainly for adults.It is also one of the main fuse beads on the market in some country.

Beads Size: 3mm

Contains: abt 1000 single color iron beads

Material: Food Grade PE, safety & NON-TOXIC

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Not for children under 6 years. Made in China.

We can customize the color and size of the fuse beads.

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